At Beyond Aquariums, we’re at the forefront of aquarium maintenance and construction in Canberra. With over 15 years of experience, our head builder leads a team skilled in crafting custom aquariums tailored to each client’s needs. We understand the intricate balance required to build safe, durable, and beautiful aquariums. 

We also offer regular cleaning and maintenance of existing aquariums, ensuring your tank remains pristine, and your aquatic friends are happy and healthy. Whether it’s for your home or office, we offer tailored solutions across Canberra and surrounding NSW regions.

Aquarium Maintenance

Our whole team at Beyond Aquariums is hugely passionate about fish ownership and care. We understand more than most that regular maintenance and cleaning your tank clean is key to keeping your fish happy and healthy, but it isn’t always the most enjoyable task. 

If you love owning fish but dread cleaning your tank, let us make your life a lot easier. We provide comprehensive aquarium cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. We can take care of all the hard work needed to keep your aquarium clean.

Whether you need a one-time tank clean or regular aquarium maintenance, we can tailor our service to your needs. We have been serving Canberra and the surrounding region for over 15 years and bring passion and precision to every single job.

Our full range of aquarium maintenance services

  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Replacing or upgrading filters 
  • Restoration and repairs
  • Relocation 
  • Installation 
  • Emergency aquarium repair
  • Aqua scaping 
  • Holiday care services
  • Identifying and treating disease with medication
  • Dietary advice
  • Water Chemistry
  • Preventative maintenance of filtration components

Custom Aquarium Construction

We’re Canberra’s leading custom aquarium provider, with over 15 years of experience in the field. Our head builder brings a wealth of knowledge to every project, ensuring that every aquarium we create is built to the highest standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. 

We specialise in all types and sizes of aquariums and levels of complexity. We’re confident in our ability to bring your aquarium visions to life, no matter how ambitious they are. We’ve designed and built countless tanks in our Canberra aquarium workshop, with each tank further increasing our reputation as the go-to team for custom tank builds.

Our full range of custom aquarium services

  • Custom weirs
  • Over-flows
  • Plumbing systems, including supply and installation of all necessary pipework and plumbing components
  • Custom in-wall aquariums
  • ‘L’ shape or corner aquariums
  • Filtration, including custom sumps
  • Aqua-scaping