Retail Store

Visit us in person at our retail store located at Unit 14, 157 Gladstone St Fyshwick. Our shelves are full of a great range of premium quality products that will help you build, and maintain your home aquarium and keep your fish happy and healthy.

Our store has a unique focus on planted aquariums and aqua-scaping, with one of the region’s largest ranges of substrates, rocks and driftwood. We also host one of the largest range of ready-to-buy fish tanks and full-setups with over 100 aquariums in stock and ready to go. After a specific species of fish or plant? We house a large range of livestock including common and rare species. However if you are after something specific, we can special order it in for you.

We also display and sell our whole range online which can be found by clicking here: 

Our staff at Beyond Aquariums are friendly, experienced and very knowledgeable. Getting the most out of your aquarium hobby is important to us, whether you are a beginner or an expert. We are always happy to help and provide you with the best service possible.

Some of our trusted brands include:
ADA, API, Absolute, Aqua Medic, Aqua One, AquaEL, Aquarium Systems, Aquasonic, Bioscape, Blagdon, Blue Planet, Chihiros, Co2 Art, Dr Tim’s Aquatics, Dymax, Evolution Aqua, Fluval, Golden Tree, Hikari, Hydor, JBL, Kessil, LCA, Laguna, Lee’s Mantis, Marina, Oase, Oliver Knott, PNP, Pet Worx, Pondmax, Quantum, Rossmont, Seachem, Siccee, Seltz, Sera, Serenity, Shrimp King, Sumo, Tetra, Up Aqua, Vitalis, Ziss, ZooMed