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Axolotl Keeping - A Guide


Axolotl’s are one of the most amazing ‘wet pets’ in the aquarium hobby. Their care requirements however are slightly different from many of our more common tropical fish. Make sure to have adequate housing (2 foot tank minimum) and cooler water, sitting around 18 degrees Celsius is perfect. Read this guide for a basic care guide on Axolotls.

Obtaining an Axolotl License

To keep Axolotls in the ACT you need a license. This license is very easy to obtain, and the application form can be found here (click): Application Form

The cost for a new license is $18.40 for 3 years validity.

This will be the First Screen that Appears. If you need a new license click no on the first question and yes on the second. Leave the three options at the bottom blank and select continue in the bottom right hand corner.

This is the second screen that appears. Fill out the required fields that are marked with a *. It is very important that you tick ‘an individual’ on the first question. After the required fields have been filled out, press continue.

On this next screen, fill out the Supplier details EXACTLY as pictured. Use your local Vet or the Veterinary Surgery pictured to fill out the subsequent fields. Click Continue.

This next section is where you need to fill in your own information about the housing of the Axolotl. Refer to the picture as an example, use your own tank dimensions and number of Axolotls you wish to keep. You may copy the Feeding Requirements section as that is a good basic meal plan. Scroll Down.

Fill out the details of your enclosure by following each question’s prompt. If you have no intention of adding supplements or are not part of an local aquarium club fill those sections out as N/A. Click Continue.

On this section, read the prompts carefully and answer truthfully. It is an offence to lie on this application form. In the ‘Details of individuals/businesses able to verify claims’ enter someones details who is trustworthy and consenting, or Beyond Aquariums info as pictured. If you enter an individual, they will be also be liable if you are caught mistreating the Axolotl. If you enter Beyond Aquariums info you must first provide our staff with images, videos and water from the aquarium you plan to keep the axolotl, or else we cannot be placed on the form as we will be liable for any mistreatment, accidental or otherwise, of the animal. Once you have completed this section, click continue.


You will then be taken to a private payment form. Complete this and your application will have been logged. You will hear back within 30 days about the approval of your license. Good work!