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The team at Beyond Aquariums are experts in their field, providing a high-quality service and working closely with both residential and commercial clients to achieve the perfect aquarium. For more than 17 years, the Beyond Aquariums team has been offering Canberra pond construction and maintenance services and aquarium maintenance. Our Fyshwick store allows us to bring all that experience directly to our customers and provide expert guidance on fish tank maintenance and the right aquarium supplies.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Beyond Aquariums, we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service and products. We stand behind the quality of our products and services and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Our goal is to help you maintain healthy pets, enjoy your hobby, and provide you with exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and will do our best to provide you with the support you need.

Our Fish And Aquarium Supplies

  • Filtration / Pumps
  • Lighting
  • Air Pumps / Fittings
  • Air Pumps / Fittings
  • Heating / Cooling
  • Test Equipment
  • Medication
  • Supplements & a whole lot more.


We regularly stock Axolotls (also known as Mexican Walking Fish) at Beyond Aquariums, and we have a huge demand for these wonderful pets. Our whole team is passionate about Axolotl ownership and care – they’re adorable and friendly creatures. Once settled in, they will happily interact with their owners and have been known to live up to 15 years in a home aquarium.

We have the expertise and personal experience to provide advice and guidance if you choose to take home one of these lovely amphibians from our Fyshwick store.

Live Plants

Whether you want to create a more natural look in your aquarium or you’re trying to create a specific biotope, adding live aquatic plants is a great idea. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium, but they also create a healthy environment for your aquatic pets. 

We offer a wide variety of live aquatic plants and other aquarium supplies to choose from. Come and check out our collection today.

Largest Selection Of Tanks And Aquariums in Canberra

We have the most extensive range of tanks Canberra has to offer, from simple, standard-size tanks to fully self-contained ones and tanks with sumps. We have something to suit almost all aquarium needs. 

If, on the off chance, we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can order it in or build it for you with our custom aquarium construction service. Our team of experts can guide you through every step of the process, from designing to installing the tank.

Canberra Aquascaping

If you’re looking to create a stunning aquarium that can serve as a centrepiece in your home, we’ve got you covered. Our store offers a wide range of substrates, rocks, and driftwood to help you create a beautiful aquascape. 

We can also provide expert advice and tools to help you design and set up your aquarium just the way you want it. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced aquarist, we’re here to guide you and make the process as smooth as possible.

Come and explore our collection today to see how you can transform your aquarium into a work of art!

High-Quality Fish Food

We take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality foods that cater to the specific dietary needs of your fish. We understand that a good diet is crucial for their overall health and well-being. A balanced and nutritious diet not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety but also promotes healthy breeding and strengthens their immune system, making them more resistant to diseases. 

Our goal is to provide the best possible nutrition and fish supplies Canberra has to offer, ensuring that your fish can lead a long and healthy life.

Fish Treatments And Tank Additives

As fish owners, we all want our aquatic friends to be healthy and happy. However, sometimes, fish may fall ill or become sluggish and need a little extra help. If this does happen, having the right medicines and additives on hand is essential to help them recover their strength. We offer a comprehensive range of fish medicines and additives that cater to a wide range of aquatic health concerns.

We also understand that maintaining optimal water quality is crucial for the well-being of fish. That’s why we also stock a variety of water treatments that help improve the quality of your tank water. Our water treatments help remove harmful chemicals, balance pH levels, and promote healthy bacterial growth. Our range of medicine and water treatment means you can ensure your fish are getting the best care possible.

Aquarium Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your aquarium isn’t the most fun job, but it’s vital to maintaining a healthy environment for your fish. If you clean and maintain your aquarium regularly, it’s not so bad. 

We have all the necessary aquarium maintenance and cleaning supplies on hand to make the dreaded task a little easier, including algae scrapers, magnetic scrubbers, and water treatments. Our range of products is both effective and efficient to reduce the hassle as much as possible. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking through the crystal-clear glass, enjoying the beauty of your aquarium, and knowing your fish are all sorted!

Canberra Aquarium Maintenance Service

We provide comprehensive aquarium cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients, including nursing homes, doctor’s offices, schools, offices, and display homes. Our goal is to make your life easier by taking care of all the hard work involved in keeping your aquarium clean. 

Whether you need a one-time tank clean or regular maintenance, we can tailor our service to your needs. We offer our cleaning and maintenance services to both ponds and aquariums in Canberra and surrounding regions of New South Wales, including Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, and some areas of Sydney.

Custom Aquarium Construction in Canberra

We’re the people to talk to if you’re looking for a custom aquarium build in Canberra. Our head aquarium builder has over 15 years of experience in designing and constructing aquariums of all sizes and levels of complexity. 

The value of this experience can’t be understated – aquarium construction is a complex process, and not all aquariums are built the same. It’s vital to have a deep understanding of how aquariums work, including the pressure placed on the aquarium once it’s in use.

Nobody in Canberra understands the challenges and process as well as we do. We’ve successfully designed and built countless tanks of all shapes and sizes that are safe, beautiful, and made to last in our in-house workshop.

Building custom tanks is one of our biggest passions. Call us today to discuss how we can make your aquarium dreams a reality.

Pond Construction in Canberra

As the name suggests, our services at Beyond Aquariums go further than just building tanks. We also specialise in building both indoor and outdoor ponds, custom-made to our clients’ needs.

We have over 15 years of experience and take pride in our knowledge and use of quality products. Our goal is to bring your imagination to life and build the perfect pond, focusing on easy maintenance and a healthy environment for both flora and fauna. Check out our pond maintenance and pond construction page to learn more.